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2021 Year end review

As I sit in my home office to compose my year-end review, I'm recollecting all the incredible memories 2021 has given us to cherish. I'm grateful that 2021 has been the most remarkable year by far.


It all started with the most significant event of our life. Soundarya & I got to know that we are to become parents soon. We wanted to make life's transition from couple to parents as memorable as possible. So, we chose to spend more time together and create memories along the way.

What's the point in reaching the destination if you don't really enjoy the journey?

We began reading novels like Parthiban Kanavu and Ponniyin Selvan together and started journaling our pregnancy experiences, one day at a time as we progressed each trimester.

By September, we welcomed our son into this world. Words can't articulate the joy I had when I took him in my hands. We'll be ever grateful to God for him. We named him Adhiyan - a Tamil King's name, known for philanthropy.


While making a massive leap in personal life, my professional life took a back seat. With the little spare time I had, I decided to learn something that is related to my day-to-day work. Hence, I learned Adonisjs v5, and InertiaJS.

One of my noteworthy achievement this year is the ability to develop applications fluently in both Node and PHP using AdonisJs and Laravel, respectively.


In 2021, I only published two technical articles: AdonisJS v5- A Simple API CRUD Application and Route Model Binding in Adonisjs v5.

On the surface, I feel disappointed, but it is what it is. In 2022, I have determined to publish at least one technical article every month.


I have put a considerable amount of time and effort into improving my design skills and have published six designs on dribbble. You can find them here.

Even though I'm a beginner, this is one of the areas I wanted to sink my teeth into and explore more.


As part of my Goodreads reading challenge to complete at least ten books in 2021, I've finished 14. You can find the list of books I have completed here.

Plans for 2022

I wanted to keep my goals for 2022 very minimal and focused.

  1. Spend more family time, especially with my son Adhiyan.
  2. Improve core stamina and my eating habits.
  3. Build at least one Product & gain in-depth knowledge in Amazon Web Service.

Though the year 2021 saw the second wave of COVID, I'm thankful that we all could see the end of it.

Let's hope 2022 is going to be awesome!

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