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Learn to say Skip

Recently, I started skipping my phone number information with shops during billing.

The reason behind this, initially, when I shared my phone number with merchants, I fell into the vicious cycle of receiving promotional messages, utilizing them, and buying items. I was purchasing more just because it was a great deal, irrespective of whether I needed them or not. After some time, it occurred to me that I was stocking items at home, which is nothing but my money made to sit idle. I wanted to do something about this.

So, I did the most obvious thing. I stopped sharing my phone number and asked them to skip when required during the billing process. Be it a supermarket or pharmacy or any other shop that has an inventory system.

Initially, it was difficult. To gain courage and say skip the phone number when people ask from billing counter. They gave me ugly stares. I was worried about what they would think of me. But now, I got used to those stares. It's fun to see their reaction now when I ask them to skip the phone number part.

I also went one step further and enabled DND(Do Not Disturb) mode for my phone number so that I don't receive any promotional message from any merchants.

I should buy items only when I feel like buying them, not when they tell me to buy them.
It should happen on my terms. Period.

Remember, your phone number is your identity. Don't trade them for discounts.

Stay Happy. Stay Healthy.

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