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2020 Year end review

2020 has been a roller coaster with moments of love, family reunions, homecoming, work stress, and much more.


First things first, I got married to Soundarya. Our is a simple, yet beautiful Tamil marriage with few close friends and family members. We spent a good time together reading novels, binge-watching series, and visiting nearby relatives. We had all night fun playing cards, ludo, PUBG with my cousins. It was a kind of family reunion post marriage. With all these things happening, my calorie-conscious fitness regime took a back seat.

The only physical activity I did was gardening with my parents.


As soon as there were talks of lockdown imposition, I moved back to Chennai, and I was able to reduce all my expenses. With my family's support, I covered all my marriage expenses without any loans. My proudest moment of the year came when we were able to organize and complete my marriage solely relying on my savings. After all, starting my marriage life without debt is all I wished for.


Focusing on JS was one of my goals in 2020. With little less than 2 months of experience on MERN stack by end of 2019, I took the little leap of faith and started converting all my projects to MERN stack in 2020. This helped me gain confidence and gave me the edge over the Express framework. I became very fluent in development using MERN stack like my old Laravel days.


I spent only less time reading books this year. As a part of the Goodreads 2020 challenge I complete 6 books.

  • 1. Digital Minimalism - Cal Newport
  • 2. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck - Mark Manson
  • 3. How to live on 24 hours a day - Arnold Bennett
  • 4. Alla alla panam (அள்ள அள்ளப் பணம் ) - Part 5 - Valliyappan
  • 5. Seiyum Thozhile Deivam (செய்யும் தொழிலே தெய்வம்) - Suki Sivam
  • 6. Mooladhanam (மூலதனம்) - CK Ranganathan

Goals for 2021

I would like to set specific goals for each of the foundational(family, health, and work) pillars of my life.

1. Reduce my screentime and staying offline during Sundays to recharge myself.

2. Lose at least 5 kgs from what I'm now. Work on my core stamina, and eating habits.

3. Learn mobile development using React native, and level up javascript skills.

Though the year 2020 has been stressful with money management and other professional workloads, yet I'm very grateful because of my marriage and other memories we could make.

I hope 2021 will be a better and a marvelous year for all of us. Stay healthy! Stay happy!

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