10 day challenge

Stunts performed in this blog are strictly for professionals. Pregnant woman, children, aged people are requested to not perform the following stunts. In case if they wanted to do, they are on their own.🙈

I still remember the day when I was getting ready to leave Chennai and my entire family along with my cousin brothers were helping me out packing my stuff. And here comes the usual dialogue from my amma, ellame pora nerathula dhan theduva, un room ah paaru, epde alangolama iruku. For which I would counter attack, saying, kalanchi irundha dhan ma veedu, illana adhuku peru museum😂. Now it’s been 1.9 years in Bangalore and these memories are still fresh in my mind. In a hurry packing stuffs I forgot to pack a few essential items like soap, toothbrush, paste, oil, shampoo, perfume, etc. As a result, I started going to shop for buying each and everything. There I got an idea of why can’t I use natural items instead of these chemicals? And there I decided I should do some experimenting and call it as 10 day challenge where I’ll skip chemicals usage in my daily use completely for 10 days straight. Which means no paste, no soap, no oil, no shampoo, no perfume nothing. I used the complete old traditional approach for 10 days to see the changes in me.

Even though I got this idea in shop, it is originally inspired from Jeans movie. Remember the scene where Aishwarya Rai says to Prasanth that I don’t use chemicals at all? While watching that movie sometime back, I thought I should also try this and I felt now is the perfect time to experiment with it. Basically, I’m a person who likes to experiment things and kind of old school guy. So, I thought why not give it a shot?🤔

Following are the things I swapped for chemicals

Soap – Paitham parupu
Paste – Salt
Tooth Brush – Famous tooth brush in the world, my fingers
Perfume – Javvaadhu
Oil – My home made coconut oil which has zero chemicals
Shampoo – My home made siyakkai

I used all the above mentioned natural things for 10 days straight without any chemicals. Well, not completely natural, but partially because I couldn’t find alternate for detergent and salt I used is bought from the store and obviously its not all natural. So I think I should put an asterisk near completely since terms and conditions apply. 😜

Experiment :

To be honest, all were good and except brushing. Getting up early and keeping salt in our mouth is the most difficult thing. We all have got used to taste the sweetness in paste and when I tried with salt it was horrible I should say. But as tamilians will say “Poga poga seriya poidum(taken from Alex from Wonderland show)” and I consoled myself saying “Vidra 10 days dhana?”🤷🏻‍♂️. Rest everything I loved doing it. Especially when I tried Paitham maavu for bathing I felt my skin has become softer(My mind voice : Adei adei, softer? Adha nee patha? Indha dakalti vela dhan venagaradhu?)🤣. Javvaadhu gave that sandal mixed smell and it was there on my body till end of the day. Ena konjam saamiyaaru maari irundhu smell 😝 but it’s okay for the experiment. I completed this as a secret experiment that even my roommates don’t know.

Conclusion :

All the manufacturers are not inventing anything new but they are just reinventing the wheel again and again. For example, in olden days people used salt as tooth paste, now? Aah oohna bathroom thorandhu ullavandhuranga tooth paste le uppu iruka sakara iruka nu. They used charcoal, and now we have a tooth paste with that as well. I think sometime down the lane they’ll also use brick powder and say tooth paste le brick powder iruka? Ennatha sola? 🤦🏻‍♂️

I loved the 10 day challenge and its worth a try I would say. I think everyone should try this at least once to experience how our forefathers would have lived in those days without the chemicals which we are consuming now. Even though I’m not following all of the above mentioned things now, I still use siyakkai for head bath and homemade coconut oil for hair.

This blog was long pending one for me and I’m happy that finally I published it 🙂

Life is short, live to the fullest! Experiment with things and enjoy the results!

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