What I learnt from buying our First AC

Buying an AC for my parents has been a long pending due on my checklist. If I remember correctly, I thought of buying an AC since 2013. Every time I save money for AC, some other thing might creep up unexpectedly and my saved money would get spent on that. This year I was pretty determined to buy AC after seeing my mom suffering from sun burns last year. So, in this article, I’m going to share my experience of buying our first AC.

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Hey, I already told you. This blog is all about my life happenings. Even while buying our AC I got some experience which I think is worth sharing. So, if you are up to it, continue reading 🙂 If not, you are just one click away from closing this blog and continue your precious work you were doing. Hold on, did I say precious work? Come on what could be more precious in your life than reading my blog 😂. Just kidding. Coming back to the story.

Basically, before buying any product, me and my brother would do a market research, analysing which product is best, who is the best player, who offers good services, etc. We did the same for almost one year before we bought our first bike. So this time too, we were asking as many people as possible and checking online reviews as well. Even though we check online reviews, we mostly consider reviews given by people whom we know, because no one would suggest a bad product if they have burnt their own fingers buying it.

So, after collecting all the information we zeroed in with two players

1. OGeneral

2. Hitachi

Our first choice was OGeneral, because it is the best brand out there and it’s also expensive. Hitachi is almost equal to OGeneral in terms of quality. To put it simply, OGeneral is kinda like the iPhone in AC segments, and Hitachi is like OnePlus. Both are good in their own ways. According to me, if the product is good enough with good customer service, I don’t mind paying more. If buying OGeneral gives me better cooling with free installation and less service costs I would be happy to buy it even without any second thoughts.

Now we wanted to decide where to buy. I thought of buying it in Girias or Reliance Digital. But my dad wants us to purchase only from the Ratna Fan house. Remember the voice on their ads? If you haven’t, watch this

I remember hearing these voices from my childhood. So, me and my brother agreed to visit Ratna Fan house and buy from there.

We were surprised to see Ratna Fan house providing dedicated rooms for each AC market players. We started off with OGeneral section. We tried to interact with the sales guy enquiring about the product. He kinda gave us very lame intro about the product, its warranty period and installation information. According to what he told, 1.5 ton 5 star AC would cost me around 58k. And then I have shell out extra for installation and the pipe charges. We were like

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Aren’t installation and pipe free till 750m? He blatantly said no. We were frustrated with his customer service. We came out of that section and went to Hitachi. They welcomed us with a warm smile and assigned us a sales guy. He briefed us every information about what we needed after listening to us. He also enlightened us about the new rules and regulations on which the star ratings has been changed. He gave us the calculations like how much we would save if we chose 5 star rating and he even provided the comparison of expense we would meet if we chose 3 star rating over 5 star rating. We were thoroughly satisfied with his approach and we decided to go with Hitachi.

So, the cost of AC which we bought is 48k out of which we got instant cash back of 10% along from Hitachi with 1% extra cashback from the Ratna Fan house. So we spent only ~44k for the same 1.5 ton split AC in the place of 58k+installation charge if we had chosen OGeneral.

Moral of the story is, no one is gonna buy your product unless you sell yourself in promoting it. The representative guy who sold us the AC explained us each and every bit of it and being a customer we learnt about things like star ratings and the newly implemented rules & regulations. At first, he listened us about our requirements(room size, star ratings etc) and then he explained their product catalog and suggested us what could be right fit for us. So, don’t just buy items online just because you get huge discount or some one said it is good without checking their customer service and their quality. Buy it after you truly experience it yourself!

எப்பொருள் யார்யார்வாய்க் கேட்பினும் அப்பொருள்,
மெய்ப்பொருள் காண்ப தறிவு.

See you in another article.

And as always, Stay happy. Stay healthy.

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