Trip to Gokarna

Me along with my roommates had been planning to go to GoKarna for a long time. One fine week, we booked tickets to Gokarna from SBC via KSRTC. Before starting to SBC, we all took a group photo at the Baiyappanahalli Metro station.

We have different actors in our room you know? For example, JaiKumar-Junior NTR, Madhan-Maddy and Karthik is the self-proclaimed Mahesh Babhu. While traveling on the metro there was one person sitting next to Karthik and smiling at what we were speaking. I think he is a Tamilian and he is smiling because of the broken Tamil what Karthik was speaking. And he was keep on humming the Kannama song from Ispade Rajavum and Idhaya Raniyum movie like the way bhai used to sing on Goudamani-Senthil comedy.

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But, I had to agree that he has started conversing in Tamil fluently in very short span of time.

Day 1

We got down on SBC, had dinner there, one mini meals, one dosa and vada. It was okay-okay food. Then we all called our parents and informed them that we are about to start our trip. Basically we all are good guys you see😜 Then on the sleeper bus we all were sitting on the same upper berth and discussing multiple topics which can’t be shared here. But you can judge what boys would discuss when they are together right? We were discussing about Politics, Cinema and future of our Country. Thats it. But wait, did you think anything else? If so we’re sorry, we are not responsible for your imagination 😝

We reached Gokarna by 8AM and then we took rooms, got freshen up after spending sometime on Kudle beach. Since all were too hungry we went to near by Seaside hotel. It had awesome atmosphere. Me, Jai and Karthik as usual ordered Veg food. Karthik and Maddy ordered Bacardi. After starters and main course, we felt it was heavy so we went to our room and slept. We came to Gokarna to explore within 2 days and here we are, all lazy ass sleeping off in Gokarna instead of exploring 🤦‍♂️

We got up by 5PM and then we went to OMs beach. While we were on the way, it was raining heavily and we all got drenched very badly. We took share auto and reached there. We all felt very cold, ordered hot tea and hot onion pakoda from Kerala restaurant and it was too good. Then we walked to OMs beach and enjoyed the view and were taking photos where me and karthik were trying some funny videos while Jai capturing it.

Then it started raining again and we came to same restaurant had same menu again! From there again back to room, got freshen up and went to different sea view hotel. We had fast food items there, came back to room after spending some time on sea shore.

Day 2

We got ready around 8.30 AM and started to Murudeshwara temple which is located 80kms away from Gokarna. We took the OM beach route to get to Gokarna bus stand but to our surprise it was super hot. Yesterday it was raining heavily and today it was very hot that we couldn’t walk at all. Me along with others changed to our boxers from Jeans 🙈. We sat under tree shade and Jai walked alone and brought us share auto. Paavam, yaaru petha pullaiyo epde engalukkaga kastapadhu. We were like

You might be wondering where I’m on the image, but I’m the author of this story and I’m the hero in it. So I can’t cry and give credits to others you see 😎

We took cab for 2k and went to temple. Again, inside temple it was super hot however, we were able to manage it this time. We had lunch there nearby and again started back to Gokarna.

After coming back to Gokarna’s main beach, while my friends stayed under bus stand I went near sea just to sit and relax for sometime. I even tried building sand castle however I failed miserably. Then I tried something which nobody can do.

I can read your mind voice: Idhu Ship-aama dhanaa? Rightu viduga. To people who couldn’t find out what the hell is this? Rest in peace.😝

After spending some quality time with myself sitting on sea shore with no one near by, we walked back to bus stand to board our bus. The best thing about GoKarna is beaches are not crowded. You can enjoy nicely if you go with friends. What if you go as couples thana unga question? Yen? Yen en vaiya pudungareega? It’s certainly a good place to hangout. Aalavidunga! 🙊

See you in the next article 🙂

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