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Thank You

I have been very fortunate to have a long list of supportive family members, wonderful friends, helpful educators, and inspiring mentors in my life. Many of them I have known personally, others only through their work.

These people have helped me in becoming who am I right now. I have personally learnt a lot from websites like unclassroom, code course(formely known as thephpacademy), thenewboston, laracasts, refactoring to collections etc. My ideas and work have built upon the lessons I have learned from them.

For those reasons, I would like to say “Thank You” to…


  1. Sridhar Raj Sampathkumar
  2. Ebenezer Krishnan
  3. Souvik Roy
  4. Alex Garrett
  5. Bucky Roberts
  6. Thirukumaran Nagarajan
  7. Taylor Otwell
  8. Jeffrey Way
  9. Adam Wathan
  10. Wes Bos
  11. Steve Schoger
  12. Matt Stauffer
  13. James Clear
  14. Paulo Coelho
  15. Ryan Nicodemus
  16. Joshua Fields Millburn


  1. Kavirajan (VirtualUI)
  2. Dayashankar
  3. Rajesh (MyTownBus)
  4. Srikanth (OnDesk)
  5. Vamsi
  6. Parikshat (Hipcouch)
  7. Nimish (Engrave)
  8. Neelam Jain (Periferry)
  9. Vinodh (Fromahome)
  10. Thamizharasan (Digiryte)
  11. Siva Makireddy