logo.webp In my world, S means S :)

I'm Saravanan Sampathkumar.

I'm 8+ yrs experienced Full Stack Developer, UI/UX Designer, Grade 2 Guitarist, Avid Book Reader and a Minimalist. Basically I can work with both LAMP and MERN stack and I specialize in Laravel Development. I would love to work with inspiring & innovative people given the opportunity.

Have any interesting idea? Let’s discuss.

About Me

A Bachelors degree holder in Computer Science & Engineering from A.M.S College of Engineering, my interest in PHP started when I was in my final year. What started out as creating small projects with friends eventually grew to me announcing myself as a freelancer after putting in a few development years in a company. I had been a freelance Full Stack PHP developer for a little over 4 years before joining a startup in Bangalore.

I have also donned the role of a Software Consultant & helped numerous startups launch their websites.

Recently, my experimentation with UI & UX, thanks to Sketch app, enabled me to successfully framework and design multiple Mobile App Screens.

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