Lesson Learnt from Water Scarcity

After a week of hectic work, I thought of enjoying my weekend nicely by taking rest at my flat. Have you heard of people say “We think something and the God thinks something?”, thats what exactly happened to me last week. The whole Saturday and Sunday we had no power and water. We were unable to do anything. I felt so frustrated that I ended up going to my office on Sunday just to work on my personal things because of power cut. You know what happens to Monday when you go to office on Sundays right? I felt the same, it was very tiring, exhausting and I didn’t feel it as the first day of week. But whatever I faced on weekend was just a trailer. God told me,

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Sunday late night Power came, but still we had no internet and water. When enquired to our security he said, motor had got repaired, it’ll take two days to fix it. We had another spare motor in our flat which will take 5 hours to fill the tank. Now the security guy will run the spare motor every night and fill up the tanks, and they’ll open every valves only by morning 5.30am. So we had to get up early morning 5.30am and fill up all the buckets, tubs and water cans. And because we had no water, our cleaning maid escaped nicely from mopping the floor and washing utensils. With the water we had fetched, we had to wash the utensils because our cooking maid will be here by 8.30 and she had to start cooking. Getting up early itself a big task for us, and fetching the cold water in cold weather and then washing the utensils again is just like adding fuel to the fire.

And then here comes the hard part of struggle, because of no water in tank, we couldn’t run water heater and we had to take bath in cold water.

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Even though I know taking bath in cold water is good for health, I’m not big fan of cold water bath. Again with no choice left, we all took bath in cold water and then we left to offices. I use to call my friend who comes early to the flat to just check on the water issue by every evening, and when he says it hasn’t been fixed, I was like

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I started to start late from office because of this and began sleeping late and getting up early morning with no proper sleep. God, that was one of the worst week I had faced in my life.

Lesson Learned

Water is main source of our life and we had to utilise it with utmost efficiency. Basically I’m a guy who wastes water a lot like leaving a running tap while brushing, running tap again while washing utensils, taking two buckets of hot water while bathing etc. You wouldn’t believe, I use to waste half bucket of hot water even after taking bath just because it feels so good to pour hot water into my body on this cold weather. I reduced many hand washes and acted wisely and combining the works I’m doing and washing hands at the end.

Finally, we got the water on Thursday and internet was back on Tuesday. I was very thankful to even the tiniest drop of water we had got and I was keeping practising gratitude for whatever I got. Because I knew how hard it is for people who live in remote areas and struggle for water by traveling long distances. I was grateful because I got awesome friends who shared the work equally and I didn’t feel like I’m doing too much work. Especially karthik, even I missed one day getting up early and filling the water and he never failed and he took care of us nicely. I’m grateful for each and everything the life has taught me this week. Thankfully the week is over and we are again back to normal.

Remember this movie dialogue?

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I felt the same!

Namma theva mudincha aprom nama use panra ovovru ovoru thuli thaneerum namadhu illa, mathavangaladhu!

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