Laravel Admin Authentication System via MultiAuth

Installing and setting up basic authentication system for a user in laravel is so easy. However, that is not the same case with admin user. So, I decided to create a simple laravel package that handles admin authentication system. Wouldn't it be great if we have something like

php artisan make:auth

that builds us necessary files for admin? Here, we are going to set this up by using multiple authentication in laravel 5.2

NOTE: This package will only work for Laravel 5.2. I'm yet to release support for Laravel 5.3.


You can install the sarav/admin-auth package by running the following command in your terminal

composer require sarav/admin-auth


After installation, you have to register the service provider in your config/app.php file under providers array. Sarav\AdminAuth\Providers\AdminAuthServiceProvider::class Then, publish the configuration file for admin

php artisan vendor:publish

Admin Panel Setup

Once we are done with configuration, let's set up the admin panel by running the following command.

php artisan admin:auth

This will install all necessary files and folders for admin authentication system in laravel. Now migrate to set up admin table.

php artisan migrate

NOTE: Before trying out admin authentication, don't forget to seed admins tabe which we just created!

Once that is done, we have to register the newly created middleware files in app/Http/kernel.php.

Finally clear cache by

php artisan config:cache

Now, if you hit http://localhost:8000/admin/login, you will see admin login page.


You can access admin user by

However, typing auth()->guard('admin')->user() everytime is such a pain. So, I have created a nice wrapper functions like admin() and isAdminLoggedIn() for accessing admin.

That's it! Now you can setup laravel admin authentication system in no time! If you would like to know what is happening behind the screens, consider reading this article Multiple authentication in Laravel 5.2 Happy Coding!

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