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Installing Fira Code with ligatures on Sublime Text 3 – Mac OS

I have been Sublime Text user for past 5 years and I really believe no other text editor can even match the speed, performance and simplicity of Sublime Text. Only thing that has been missing for me was ligature support. I loved Fira Code very much and I really wanted this to be enabled on Sublime text. Fira code offers beautiful ligatures for operators. I have been waiting for this particular feature on Sublime Text for so long. There has been numerous threads seeking the same feature from many developers across web.

At last, developer’s cry has finally reached the contributors of ST and from version 3156+ Sublime Text supports ligatures. Yay!

Installing Sublime Text

Go to and then download the latest Sublime Text dev version 3156+.

Kindly note that dev versions is only available for licensed user.

Installing Fira Code

Now, go to and download the zip from github and extract it. You’ll find the ttf folder under distr folder. Copy all the files and paste them over under /Users/username/Library/Fonts folder.

Setting up Fira Code

After sublime text installing, now open it and hit cmd+, you will get Preferences.sublime-settings file. Add the following code to it.

Thats it! Now Fira code is enabled on your system with ligatures.

Happy Coding!

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